​  What's up with the name?
Well.......I'd just finished my first skeleton print, and my second or maybe third beer. I happened to look at my Day of the Dead figurine collection and thought hmmm ? The name popped into my head, sounded good at the time, and I think it still does today!

​               ​ABOUT ME
​Ahh, one of my favorite subjects! Don't worry, I'll try to keep it short and to the point.
  • I've lived in Edmonds Wa. for over 30 years
  • I didn't start making art until after I turned 50 years old. (it's never too late)
  • My "day" job is as a carpenter/cabinetmaker for the Edmonds School District
  • It makes me happy when people react to my work by smiling or laughing
  • I don't have a drinking problem, no matter what you've heard
  • I've been awarded two "First Place Prints" at the Edmonds Arts Festival
  • I enjoy being a part of a growing art community
  • I teach printmaking classes at "Cole Art Gallery"
What does this mean? It means that these are NOT PHOTOCOPIES. Each print is either hand rubbed or run through a printing press. I then "hand pull" the print off the block. The result is that each print is slightly different due to slight variations in the amount of ink on the plate, making each print one of a kind. I sign each print and some series are numbered.
​Oil based ink
​​​I use "oil based inks" for my final prints. I think it makes a better quality print. Once dry, it doesn't smear so there is no need to spray on a fixative like "water based inks".
​The medium I use for carving is a specially designed linoleum. It's a great material to work with, allowing for precise and intricate designs. 
See The Prints

​​Life's short, make some art !!!