​​​​​Original Art by Chris Minor
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​The "Skullbilly Series"
This is an on going series based on some of my favorite "dead" country singers and/or musicians. These numbered editions are based on how old they were when they died. Example, Hank Williams is 29 prints. Johnny Cash is 71 prints. 
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​The "Japan Series"
This series is based on some of the photos I took while visiting relatives in Japan with my lovely wife Katherine a few years back. I highly recommend going there if you can.
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​The "Artwalk Series"
For the past few years, on the third Thursday in October, I've been the guest artist at "Artspot" for the monthly "Edmonds Art Walk". Each year I create a new print for the occassion with a local theme.
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​​​Always looking for ideas or a good Pub
​​​​​Wandering around the "Shambles" in York, England

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​My Dad's da best! He always feeds me AND he says if you buy something he'll give me a treat!!
​Simple, playful prints at a budget price!
​"THANKS !! To everyone in the Edmonds art community. I've gotten so much help over the last several years, it's been amazing."
​Life's short, make some art !!!